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CBL Custom Apparel is a full-service screen and embroidery company specializing in corporate and casual apparel, medical uniforms, and team sports apparel.

Bob and Lynn Mastromarino purchased what is now named CBL Custom Apparel in November 1987. It was begun in October 1976 by Carl B. Leiby, and the way Leiby set out to do business has remained a key factor in CBL’s continuing success. Leiby’s idea was to sell imprinted promotional products such as calendars and pens on a promotional basis to companies that marketed those goods to businesses and the public. He added a brand, “The Instant Tee House,” to the company in 1983, specifically to imprint garments, also for the wholesale trade.

Bob Mastomarino, a battery executive who felt uncomfortable in the post General Battery/Exide merger period, began seeking a small business that he and his wife could become involved in. When he acquired the Instant Tee House, 90 percent of his trade was wholesale to the promo-product trade.

CBL has always had a policy of guaranteeing its work forever. The company is comfortable in making that guarantee because of its depth of experience. Customers are confident that in the unlikely case of a claim, a company that owns its property and has been around almost 30 years is likely to be around when reorders are needed, and will produce a consistently high level of workmanship, delivered on time. It seems that CBL Custom apparel practice makes perfect.


Our Dedicated Staff

Phone: (610) 670-7840 - X dial extension
Bernard Donahue - President
Bern Donahue - Vice President
Jason Arnold - Senior Sales Consultant X 206
Jo Furman - Customer Service X 201
Lynn Mastromarino - Customer Service / Accounts Receivable X 204
Ashley Jones - Customer Service X 200
Department Art  X 203
Marc Goldstein - Sales